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News Consumer Insights 3.0

The next iteration of Google Analytics tools for publications, News Consumer Insights v3. From the same developers that brought you NCI (😉), this next phase of realtime analytics tools promises to guide aspiring publications through Generative AI recommendations for improving their brands and readership online. I helped guide a team of developers to deliver a one of a kind user experience (in light and dark mode) for developing insights and improvements to grow their news organizations. This website utilizes a fully localized Next.js framework with a custom Python back end database. Coming soon.

Starlink Stories

I lead a small team on front end development for Starlink Stories, a website that showcases real world interactions with Elon Musk's satellite internet company. The website features a Next.js framework and Prismic CMS integration. I had a lot of fun with this one as it's very animation heavy and I'm not going to lie, it felt good being a part of a project that helps real humans all over the world. You can tell by how well it's being received in these stories, with people using it in such unreachable locations — it's really something to see. A lot of the animations I just slapped together on the spot using Framer Motion including the scrolling masonry layout for the articles on the front page.

AI Test Kitchen

AI Test Kitchen is a place where people can experience and give feedback on some of Google’s latest AI technologies. I'm helping build this website in partnership with Google that will allow the public to use and learn from these experiments. Recently, I got to work on a music synthesizing model that can translate rich text in original audio creations called MusicLM. Give it a try now and create some of your own audio creations! More experiments coming soon.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a quick, easy, and secure way to pay online, in stores or send money to friends and family. My team and I were tasked with creating a marketing website for the international payment system. My sole focus was creating the complex scroll animations on the home page and I worked closely with designers to match Google's Material Design spec. Animations we're created with the help of GSAP using just Vanilla JS.


Innerwell logo over a foggy forest

Innerwell works on helping the public through psychedelic medicine, therapy, and mental health assistance. I created the animations for the marketing website. The "wave" in the logo and hamburger menu was an idea I had working on a previous project for a friend, and I thought it would compliment this site. I'm really proud of this site and all the hard work that my fellow coworkers put into it as well.

H4ck1ng G00gl3

This is probably one of the most innovative projects I've ever been a part of. H4ck1ng G00gl3 is a 6 part YouTube series that highlights some of the top experts in cybersecurity today. I was tasked with building the companion website to this video project, which features a complex Capture the Flag style game primarily played online. The website features a series of cyber security challenges users can learn from. I was also tasked with building Web 1.0 phishing websites for each challenge that I really enjoyed building. The retro style video game design was one of my favorite concepts to work with despite the demands of this fast paced project.

New-York Historical Society

New-York Historical Society building facade

I had the honor of building a modern website for a not-so-modern organization, The New-York Historical Society — the first museum in New York City. NYHS features 400 years of history through groundbreaking exhibitions, outstanding collections, immersive films, and thought-provoking conversations among renowned historians and public figures. This website features a full content management stack built with Next.js ISR, Prismic, and Storybook. We used every Prismic feature available with over 40 Content Types + 47 Slices. This was definitely the most content-heavy website I've built to date.

Never Better

Never Better logo

Never Better is a personal project based on a personal goal. I wanted to design and develop an app that would help people quit substance abuse by tapering off over time. The app features a personalized quit path where you can track sessions and monitor your progress. Additionally, you can also see spending information to help you cut costs, achieve milestones, and get general insights on how you're feeling during your quit journey. The tech stack used to build this app was Expo and React Native and is available for both iOS and Android devices.


KitBash is well-known in the industry for creating high quality 3D models, materials, and other renders. I helped design and develop a unique platform and desktop application for browsing and downloading 3D digital assets used for video games, movies, and other digital mediums.

Google Shared Piano

Shared Piano is a simple tool for remote music learning and collaboration that lets users play music together live on the web or save a song and share it with others. Up to 10 people can play together at once by using MIDI or computer keyboards. I began working on this project as a new experiment for Chrome Music Lab and have worked on many music-affiliated apps with them in the past. It's always a blast to play with new Web APIs that are available and the Chrome Music Lab team is on the forefront of creating these tools for anyone that finds them useful.

News Consumer Insights

News Consumer Insights Logo

News Consumer Insights is a tool that allows publications and news organizations to measure reader engagement using their benchmarks and get actionable recommendations to improve business gaps. My work on this project involved overseeing all Front End Development and partnering with Google to implement cutting-edge Google Analytics configurations.

Kid Nation

Kid Nation is a curated video and audio platform for children designed and developed by By All Means. The project was created to be a safer and more friendly alternative to YouTube Kids. Content creation includes work by big names such as Ludacris. My work for this project includes developing and prototyping the iOS and tvOS app for the final website.

Grammy Awards

Behind the Record, brought to you by Grammy Awards, is a global, social media-based initiative that brings the names of the producers, mixers, engineers, songwriters, composers, and other collaborators who work behind the record to the front. The Recording Academy tasked me with creating an interface capable of accepting user input for various music collaborators and outputting a downloadable image of the artwork of those collaborators, all generated in HTML canvas on the fly.


Bailiwik creates place-based communities that connect both on and offline. I had the privilege of creating the first iOS app for Bailiwik that features a whole array of activities you can do with people inside your community. One of the main draws of the app was the chat functionality and I was able to build a functional chat within the app. The tech stack used was Expo and React Native.


LastLaugh is a social, comedic app that turns laughter among friends into a game of competition. Who is the funniest, most clever of your friends, family, or coworkers? You have 24 hours to roast, burn, and upvote. Whoever receives the the most laughs rises in the ranks as the most clever player of the group.

Google Morse Code Trainer

In collaboration with Google, this website features an accessible training game to help users learn Morse code. Using HTML Canvas and Phaser.js, I was able to build a fun and interactive method for learning Morse code. I enjoyed working on this project which focuses on accessibility for users with disabilities and anyone that wants to learn this still relevant form of communication.

Google MixLab

MixLab is an experiment that makes it easier for anyone to create music, using simple voice commands. Just say things like "Play me a funky bass," or "Add some jazz drums." I worked on the Front End Development portion of this project using HTML Canvas in order to make this site "sing."

Mr. Leight

Mr. Leight is a new luxury line of eyewear founded by Larry and Garrett Leight, a father and son team committed to creating beautifully designed and meticulously crafted eye and sunglasses. This is one of my favorite website designs and helped challenge me to conceptualize unique grids and layouts. The site was built with Angular and features a Contentful back end.


JuiceBot, the world’s first-ever robotic juice dispenser, keeps light and heat oxidation out and freshness in for organic juice ready at the push of a button. My role on this project was to lead our web development team, and I had fun integrating creative web elements such as SVG drawing and parallax animation.


Headspace is a popular mindfulness and meditation app. I helped develop the initial marketing site in 2017 by using various technologies at the time like Ember.js and AngularJS. Working with Headspace was a learning experience for me because they were the first professional development team I had ever worked with. They required a certain code cleanliness that I have taken with me as I've moved forward throughout my career.